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Tallahassee Ultimate League Gender Inclusion Policy

Tallahassee Ultimate League (TUL) follows the USAU mixed ultimate play format, which defaults to using the gender binary to determine participation. However, we recognize not all individuals’ gender identities are binary, and a gender binary default for participation has the potential to make some individuals feel excluded and unsafe. 


TUL will not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, regardless of sex assigned at birth, or any other form of gender expression for participation. We affirm that people of all gender identities should have the freedom to participate at league in whatever way they feel most comfortable and safe based on their gender identity and should be recognized, respected and included at every level of the sport. 


For TUL on-field lines, mixed ultimate continues to necessitate particular ratios of players that intend to typically match up against men (men-matching) and women (women-matching), for example 3:4 or 5:2. At league, players can elect to play whichever positions on those mixed gender lines that they feel is correct for themselves in the mixed ultimate format. 


We acknowledge that these terms and policy are an attempt to align play with the mixed-ultimate format, while also understanding that individual players may identify in ways outside of the gender binary to which the mixed format defaults. Because of this, we acknowledge that the gender inclusion policy may fall short of supporting full inclusivity, especially as our understanding, and the sport, continues to evolve. Thus, the most critical piece of our gender inclusion policy is that all are welcome to play ultimate fully as themselves at TUL; our policy is to work to ensure that every player feels welcome at TUL.

For more information on supporting your transgender, non-binary and gender nonconforming teammates, coaches, friends and community members, please reference the links below. 


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