I expect to miss this number of weeks
How good are you on offense?Haven't really played organized offenseBasic offensive skills. Familiar with a vertical stack;Good offensive player. Familiar with vert. and horiz. stack and zone offenseVery good offensive player. Generally a good playmaker. Highly skilled offensive player. One of the top offensive players on a league team.How good are you on offense?
How well do you play defense?Not familiar with team defensive strategy. Will need guidance.Understands the concept of a force and zone, but needs more practice.Good defensive player. Understands zone defense, proper marking, and plays good team defense.Solid defensive player. A solid mark, and I usually make a few good D's in a game.Very good defensive player. Very tough mark, and few people catch discs when covered by me.How well do you play defense?
How is your throwing ability?All throws are shaky, need practice.Dependable backhand, able to throw a forehand but could use some workSolid forehand and backhand. Have some difficulty hucking or breaking a mark.Solid throws. Have hucks, break mark throws, etc., but prefer good conditions for those throws.Very strong throws. Hucks, hammers, IO, break-mark throws, even in adverse conditions.How is your throwing ability?
How fast are you?I'm pretty slow.I have only average speed.I have pretty good speed.I will be in the top 20% in terms of speed.Excellent speed. One of the fastest players in the league.How fast are you?
How many points do you like to play?I prefer to play 25%, rest 75%I like to play half of the points.I can play multiple points before a restI can play almost every pointI can play every point, all gameHow many points do you like to play?
Registration Fee: Please make note of your fee in order to pay on the next page.
Baggage Request: Is there someone else you would like to play with? Both people must request each other. High level pairs (paired 1st, 2nd or 3rd rounders) will be broken at the discretion of the Board.
Please list the name of your recruiter if you are a new player
Are you potentially interested in captaining?

COVID precautions

The TUL board is implementing the following COVID precautions that are expected to be enforced throughout the Fall League season. However, the board reserves the right to make changes to the guidelines as new information becomes available. 

  • Vaccinations will be recommended but not required

  • Masks will not be required

  • Distancing is recommended on the sidelines


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