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We're going to have a TUL holidays disc golf challenge. The idea is to see if together TUL can take down the Tally disc golf giants. The champs will record one round of golf, and the rest of us will team together to try to take them down. People will be assigned to teams according to their skill level. The advantage is, only the best scores for a given hole will be counted for the whole team. Blow a hole? No big deal, you've got the rest of the team to take up your slack. We're still working out the details, but we wanted to get the signups started so that we can play over the holidays.


  1. We will be playing the Tom Brown 18 holes course, shooting from the short tees.

  2. We will assign individuals onto teams based on how many people sign up and their skill levels.

  3. Players can use disc golf discs or ultimate discs. If ultimate discs are used, they only need to touch the chains rather than make it in basket

  4. Signups are open now and the competition will run Dec. 12-Jan. 3. Please register before Dec. 12, however, in order to get the most players possible, we will keep registration running throughout the whole tournament.

  5. There will be two rounds: 12/12 - 12/23 and 12/26 - 1/3.

  6. Players will be assigned to one of three tiers based on their skill level as reported during registration

Champs tier: teams of one,  count the best game from a given round - play as many games as they like.
Really really good tier: teams of one, count the best hole across three games for a given round.
Together we are might tier: team of many, number of teams depends on the number of people who sign up, count the best hole across all team members for all games for a given round. 

Even though it should be possible to social distance while playing disc golf, we encourage all players to avoid large crowds and practice social distancing.

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Champs vs. Chumps Challenge


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