The Important Stuff

When: Wednesday nights,  6/16/21 - 8/11/21,  7:00pm - 9:00pm

Where: FSU Main Campus Fields (1001 St Augustine St, Tallahassee, FL 32306)


When you sign up for league each season you get a dry fit T-shirt, 9 weeks of ultimate, and new players get a Tallahassee Ultimate disc! You may opt out of a T-shirt for $5 less. 


Price Breakdown: 

  • Male Fee with Jersey ($44)

  • Male Fee No Jersey OR Male Fee Recruited New Player ($39)

  • Male Fee No Jersey AND Recruited New Player ($34)

  • Female Fee with Jersey ($29)

  • Female Fee No Jersey OR Female Fee Recruited New Player ($24)

  • Female Fee No Jersey AND Recruited New Player ($19)

  • New Player / returning player who has not played in at least 3 seasons ($19)

  • Youth 14-18 with Jersey ($14)

  • Under 14 (Free)


Women's registration costs are subsidized to help promote the safe inclusion of women in our league. Youth registration costs are subsidized by the Christian Nimis Annual Hatter fundraiser to help the growth of youth ultimate in Tallahassee. 

TUL 2021 Summer League