Mixed League

Mixed League

Fall League is in Session!

Who: Open to men and women of all skill levels. Who’s signed up?

What you get:
– Team Jersey!
– Players new to the 2017-2018 year get a disc.
When: Games are played on Sundays. Schedule is posted in the widget (bottom of page).
Where: Florida State Main Campus Fields
Cost: Male – $40, Female – $20, Youth (under 19) – $10

Discounts Available:
– Non-youth players can opt out of receiving a jersey and save $5 off your entry fee.

Other Information:
Our league relies heavily on Facebook to communicate about league and other events. Check it out here!

The first 3 weeks of mixed league are “Spirit” weeks. Scores will not be counted and these weeks will emphasize teaching vert stack, ho stack, man defense & zone defense as well as spreading the disc (though you should do this regardless!)

Captains are critical to making the league run smoothly. Apply by marking “Yes!” on the “Are you interested in captaining?” question of your registration!


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