Open League

Open League

This league is brought to you by Tallahassee Ultimate in conjunction with DUF (Men’s ultimate at Florida State University). Without their cooperation, this league would not have been possible. This league is an Open league, meaning that it is open to all players, with no gender ratios followed, etc. (unlike our mixed league). This means it is likely that males will cover females and vice versa.

Who: Open to men and women, this is our highly competitive league.
What you get: 8 games of high level ultimate against elite competition. Our fields are lighted and there is an athletic trainer working our league only!
When: Mondays for Fall 2017 (starting 10/2)
Where: Florida State Main Campus Fields
Cost: TBD

Waitlist: First come, first serve, so sign up AND pay as spots are limited!

Excess money: Any excess money generated by the Open League will be placed into the Will Reynolds Seminole Ladies Fund. This fund subsidizes Seminole Ladies registration fees for our core product, the Mixed league which is hosted in Fall, Spring and Summer.


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